Telephone System notes for our office

Disclaimer - use at your own risk.  I'm not a telephone operating system expert.  I just have an interest in setting up an office and I've picked up a few things about telephones along the way.  Underconstruction - more stuff coming soon.  This webpage was written in November 2009 - things may have changed since.  There are good Voice over IP options as well as the PBX option that we went with.  This panasonic PBX solution was the system we went for as it was the recommendation from our Modesto Telephony experts.  I'm going to have to finish this at a later date.... just getting started.

Panasonic KX-TDA50 Hybrid IP-PBX Phone System (max 55 ports)

These are now known as the traditional phone systems - it is digital with hybrid IP/PBX technology.  You could buy one of these yourself from Ebay for about $400-500 (used with 40 ports).  We bought ours new.  I'll dig up some of my old receipts

Then you need the voice mail module.... in our office the voice module sits on top of the Paasonic PBX phone system.  We got ours new (manual for the voice module was in a three ring binder-though).  The new cost for us in 2006 for the KX TDA50 plus KX TVA50 for $1411.20 (before taxes).  The manual is very hard to decipher.

Costs of the entire business phone system in our office

The total cost is about $8000.00 - we didn't have the existing infrastructure in the walls, and there were additional labor considerations.

Phone System  
Hybrid IP-PBX and Voice Processor  $1,411.20
Expansion Cards (caller ID, digital line card)  $   350.00
Telephones (KX T7600) (about $190 each) 12 phones  $2,268.00
Installation of the above  $   700.00
Tax  $   297.15
Total of above  $5,026.35
Materials and construction Install  $2,773.28
Modular jacks, 48 CAT-5E panel, cables drops, ends  
Total for Materials and Construction Install and phone  $7,799.63



Panasonic replacement parts for Telephone Systems



We're not affiliated in any way with the Microsoft. We use many Microsoft products in our office (Modesto Plastic Surgery with Dr. Tammy Wu).

We have written another page regarding:  computer programs for doctors and their offices.

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